A Lot Of Portugal

Welcome To Monte De Portugal, a simple and concise guide to why we love Portugal and why it really does make the perfect place for a dream holiday or even to start a new life abroad. With hundreds of thousands of UK citizens taking their few weeks in the sun every year across Portugal, and many families, retired couples and individuals choosing a new life in the country, it is very easy to see just why Portugal is one of the most popular European holiday destinations.

Number 1 Holiday Destination

According to the Daily Mirror, Portugal was named the number 1 holiday destination for British people in 2015.

Popular Retirement Destination

With around 40,000 British people now calling Portugal their home, it really is a popular retirement destination.

Close To Home

With many UK Airports flying to Portugal in under 3 hours, Portugal is easy to get to and offers excellent transport links.

Check Out Our Portugal Blog

Read through our latest blogs on Portugal and living the life there, with information about holidays, retirement and a general look into living in this stunning country.

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