7 Reasons Why Retiring To Portugal Makes Sense

Although there are many, many reasons why retiring to Portugal makes sense for so many people, in fact around 40,000 so far, we take a look at our 7 reasons why retiring to Portugal makes perfect sense for so many people.

Cost Of Living

Although the cost of living in Portugal is no longer massively cheaper, mainly due to the adoption of the Euro, it is at worst comparable and at best there are still some decent savings to be had, especially when it comes to property. Eating out, drinking, shopping and transport is going to be what you are used to in the UK, so when it comes to Portugal as a retirement country, yes, it is not going to save you thousands but you will equally not be spending anything more than you are used to.


Although Portugal does have wet and cold winters (we know that feeling!) it is much warmer throughout the summer months and you are also pretty much guaranteed to get the summers that we all dream of. This is why it is such a popular holiday destination, as when you spend a few hundred pounds and look forward to something all year, you are going to want to be at least odds on to have sunny days and hot temperatures, else you are going to end up pretty despondent to say the least.

Health Care

As a general rule of thumb, Portugal has a good health care system, but it can vary from area to area, so it’s vital to do your research and ask the questions about the specific area you are planning to retire to, especially if you have chronic or ongoing health or medical conditions, as this should be your number on priority. There are plenty of forums and communities where you can go and ask expats that already live there regarding the medical care, or you can speak to your current GP to get sound advice.

The Beaches

The beaches in Portugal are stunning. They offer endless fine sand, beautiful blue seas and are well kept and looked after. Depending on where you plan to retire will be the key as to how far away you are from a beach and how nice the beach is, so if it’s important to you to have a golden sandy beach and a sea view, do your research first and make sure you are retiring to somewhere that at least offers this within a reasonable traveling distance.

Sports (Golf)

If you love golf, you will love Portugal, with hundreds of golf course which are not only famous but will also really test your par level and your golfing skills. You will not have to look too hard to find a good golf course, but do remember the most popular ones are often expensive and subscribed, so again, check this out before you pack up and head off, if Golf really is that important to you.

The Food

Healthy, varied and an endless choice, three ways to sum up Portugal and its food and restaurants, offering everything you could ever want at a price that is competitive, if not cheaper than in the UK. If you want your fast food, no problem and if you want your local food, no problem, with plenty of shops to do it yourself or restaurants and fine dining experiences awaiting you if you plan to eat out more often than in.

The Infrastructure

Although we often moan and groan about traffic jams, train delays and just the general day to day commute, we do have a fantastic infrastructure of roads and transport links, and likewise, so does Portugal. You have no worries here, everything is well kept and services are good, but like the UK, nothing ever runs perfectly so do not head over with any false or unreasonable expectations! The roads are generally good, as are the train and bus links, so getting around even if you do not plan to drive should not be a massive challenge.

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