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The Best Time To Visit Portugal

Portugal is a popular holiday destination, boasting over 1000km of coastline, with its only neighbour being Spain. It is a Southern European country, with a culture influenced by its ocean-side location. With a national dish named ‘Bacalhau’ (dried and salted cod), it is a good job it is also the world’s eighth largest producer of …

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Top 10 Things To Do When Visiting Portugal

How exciting, you’ve finally booked that trip to Portugal! You already have a fair idea of what to expect weather wise, so all you need to look into now is how you intend to spend your time whilst soaking up the culture of the country. The Top Ten I’ve decided to call the rest of …

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7 Reasons Why Retiring To Portugal Makes Sense

Although there are many, many reasons why retiring to Portugal makes sense for so many people, in fact around 40,000 so far, we take a look at our 7 reasons why retiring to Portugal makes perfect sense for so many people. Cost Of Living Although the cost of living in Portugal is no longer massively …

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