Retiring To Portugal

With around 40,000 expats already living in Portugal, if you are planning to retire to Portugal or you are thinking that this might be the next best move for you, then you are not alone, and there is no dispute that as a country to spend your non-working years in, there are few better out there!

Portugal really is a different world when compared to the UK, but the appealing nature of only being a couple of hours from the UK is why it is so popular for retiring couples and individuals, as you are close enough to your family, which is so important if you have grandchildren and do not just want to rely on seeing them every few years.

The climate is of course good, with a long and extended summer season and generally a bit warmer through the traditional winter months than when compared to the UK, which although may vary depending on where you are planning to start home, is going to be more enjoyable than our UK system. Although Portugal does experience wet and cold weather, it is generally warmer for most of the year and summers are definitely better, with the sunny days offering a really nice level of heat, without ever being too excessive.

In terms of health care, this comparable to the UK, with standards of care and facilities high across most of the country, but if you do suffer from any conditions or medical issues, it is preferable to speak to your GP first and then make sure the area you are moving to does indeed have a high level of care for your condition and of course, generally. You can also head online to find this information, with many forums and online communities home to many people and Expats already living the life abroad and can help you with any questions you may have.

The price of living and price of properties are at best comparable, as you no longer have the massive price difference where everything was so much cheaper, mainly due to the Euro, but you will still find prices are OK and at worst simply what you are used to. On the note of money, make sure to speak to a pension advisor or the pension department, as you will need to make sure all of the logistics are ok when it comes to receiving your pension when living elsewhere.

Portugal offers something different, as most other countries arguable do, but before you make the move and head abroad for the rest of your days, it is always advisable to spend a few months in a villa or house to see if it is right for you. Selling up and taking a risk might be ok for some, but for most of us it is important to make sure that this really is the right move, before you sell up and ship out, once and for all.

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