Why We Love Portugal

When it comes to Portugal, we simply love it. In fact, we would say we not only love it, we have a passion for the country and cherish every moment we spend there, meaning that whether you have a few weeks of sun and sea for your holiday every year in one of the popular tourist spots, or you have moved your whole life and retired in Portugal, you will never lose the attraction that made you come here in the first place.

Portugal is just a short plane journey from the UK via a range of the most popular carriers and is also accessible by car if you want to head over on one of the ferries that are run from the UK to Spain by Brittany Ferries, meaning that a new life in the country does not mean you will rarely see your UK family again. Portugal is a great place to holiday or retire, as not only is it close enough to home to stay in touch with your family, but the weather is notably better, with longer and warmer summers and more often than not, warmer winters than when compared to the UK.

The people are amazing, welcoming UK holiday makers and expats with open arms, allowing them to fit into the way of life and the culture of the country, with many small villages and towns being popular with the Brits, along with the key tourist areas like the Algarve and Lisbon. No matter where you go in Portugal, you will be made to feel welcome and wanted and above all, you will feel relaxed and content, what more could you possibly want?

Well, if you want great food, fantastic places to drink a few cheeky beers or glasses of wine or you simply want to spend all day sitting on a beach taking in the local views and scenery, Portugal will offer this as well. If your cup or tea is more adventure or you want to hit the hills and go walking for a few days, you can do this as well, just like you can take part in water sports and land based adventures as well, pretty much anything really.

The cost of living is comparable with the UK, with the low prices now a thing of the past but it is certainly no more expensive than the UK and if you take your time and get to know the area, there are plenty of savings to be had.

We LOVE Portugal, we hope you do or will as well.

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